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(3 Points - You recieve 1 point per Invitation AND 3 points when they Join!) You have invited at least 3 Women to the Network and they have joined.

You can invite as many women as you would like!  You will receive 1 point for each invitation and 3 points for each woman that Joins!) This will get you familiar with using the invite feature of the network. You can also just give out the website www.WomensSmallBusinessNetwork.com. Our goal is to help as many women as possible be successful in their business and live a life of their dreams. There is power in numbers. Learning to invite others to participate in what you are up to is part of being successful in business. As the Network grows you have more potential support, joint venture partners, mastermind partners, colleagues, clients and friends!

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So far 10 women I have invited have joined!
I've invited 3 and I know 1 has joined so far.
Of those I have invited so far...four of them have joined.
I invited at least 10, I kind of lost count, and 2 have joined!
3 of the terrific women I invited have joined!
I invited Kim Mears and she joined.  How do I find out if I got credit for it?
Five women have joined as a result of an invitation from me. Not sure how many I have invited...


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